Oh it’s been too long!!!  Now based in NY, it’s been a busy timeline from finishing school to making the move and attempting to find work.  Treating this project less as a hobby and more as a business venture, I present “Stasis”.  This is my first Quirky submitted invention and it can be found here:


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I will be updating the Quirky post soon with more detail sketches on how the internals of the shelf will sustain both the life of the hanging plant and the weight of books/objects.



spring | summer 2013 line NOW AVAILABLE at richmondthreadlab.com

Here’s a solid test of the DIY dolly slider used in my Look Book shoot for Richmond Thread Lab’s new line of ties!

For the MICA senior party at Ottobar (and for many more future occasions) I built a wearable LED system for my hair.  Probably one of the stranger things I’ve made but I’ve recently been inspired by a lot of work in my Wash and Wear electronics class and it’s expanded the possibilities of my Arduino. 

Starting with the first photo I prototyped the LED layout and code using open twinkling Christmas light codes from an Adafruit user.  The LEDs slowly fade in and out at random speeds and blink every 10-15 seconds!

For the build I used wire wrapping wire, very thin coated wire that’s poseable.  To add strength I braided the ground and lead wires for each.  Having no time and no budget, I used an old Sparkfun box to house the ardunio, battery, and switch.  Lots of hot glue used to keep everything in place.

Lastly I placed the enclosure in my jack pocket and ran the wire through the jacket’s tag to keep it place on my neck.  The LEDs were placed throughout my head and covered with hair.  I originally thought I’d need several pins to hold them but the stayed up all night with full motion of my head, just caught in the hair :)

Back in Baltimore!  First project up is DIY slider dolly!  There are many of these out there in numerous designs but all either way too expensive, low quality, or short in length.  Many designs suggest using PVC pipe for the track but I wanted something that wouldn’t flex so it could be suspended between two points (such as tripods).  Using steel pipe, skate wheels, and scrap wood I was able to make one for a 1/3 of the professional grade price, twice the overall length, and the ability to be fully disassembled!

Video examples of the movement coming soon, oohhh sooooo smooth!!

David had a birthday so David got a present!  Laser cut/hand painted Bath Tokens from the animated film Spirited Away.

Painted without a primer to allow the wood grain to show through, it could use a lacquer to even out the color and add a shine but perhaps another day.